Saturday, January 16, 2021

Of Hot Brews, Positive Stubbornness, and Other Yummy Things

not quite Journaling, week 4

A well-versed tongue
can give you wings.

1/10/21: I was going through my old stuff (I will be doing a lot of that this year), and this poem bit made me think of a recent exchange with a friend. We were discussing how important (and cleansing) talking/writing can be. And yes, I also snickered quite a bit at all the extra interesting interpretations this piece can arouse. 😁

1/13/2021:An Uncrushed Flower”, crafted after someone told me that “positivity, in our times, is a nasty and condescending word”. I didn’t argue with them. Not because I didn’t think they weren’t wrong, but because I don’t particularly care for wasting my time or energy. I believe that no matter how hard things get (and goodness knows things have gotten hard for me a time or 13), I’ll always do what I can to find a way to make things better (and most of the time, I do find a way). Sadly, that isn’t something any person can teach to another—not if the one needing the learning has already chosen to dismiss the power of hope, of hard work, of endorphins, and of positive stubbornness. I hope today is good to you; and if it isn’t, I hope you fight to make it so.

brew, sip... sipped!
(a tasty tea tale
in winter)

1/15/2021: I could drink coffee all day. But since coffee all day might mean me awake all night, I have to delight in tea. Still, I lust after endless coffee... Maybe that is the reason why I enjoy brewing my tea in a Turkish coffee pot. 🤔

- for Poets and Storytellers United (Writers’ Pantry #53: The Bicentenary of Anne Brontë’s Birth).

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

An Uncrushed Flower

If fate is all boot, and your roots
grow too strong and too deep
to transplant your Self
out its path
(while remaining whole), be
an uncrushed flower.

If society is all storm, and human
decency is the only shield
keeping the world
from being torn
(and turned hopeless),
be the peg that holds and wholes.

If most things have run fast
(certain) fracture,
fight to whole back.

Kintsugi Flower, by A4Lien

 - for Twiglet #209 (“hung from pegs”), and for Poets and Storytellers United (Weekly Scribblings #52: Something About Mary – where we’re asked to write poetry or prose inspired by Mary Oliver’s “Landscape”, I chose “the most fragile of flowers”).